29 Years of Experience

When facing DUI charges, it is important that you understand your rights and your options.

Schedule a 100% free consultation as soon as possible and Bill will help you understand how the law impacts your case. He'll answer your questions, examine the relevant circumstances involved and, if practicable, estimate your chances of beating the charges.

Wichita DUI Defense


Since 1990, we've worked in DUI defense and garnered a reputation for success.  We are extremely familiar with local judges and prosecutors and know which legal defenses work best in Wichita. Kansas law requires that very specific procedures be followed during a DUI arrest. If the police failed to follow a single one, we will find it.

Free and Honest

We offer a 100% free and honest consultation. We have no interest in gouging you, just helping you make the best decision. When facing DUI charges, moving quickly is necessary to lessen damages. This is probably not where you wanted your weekend to lead. We understand. We can help.